Atomix Logistics

May 10, 2021

1 min read

Reinventing the eCommerce Fulfillment Experience: Efficient & Affordable

Atomix partners with innovative eCommerce brands ready to scale. By creating an uncomplicated, high-touch customer experience, we enable founders and SMBs to focus on building their brands By combining our multi-channel technology platform with our Micro-Pod layout, brands have changed the way they handle eCommerce fulfillment.

Built from the ground up, the Micro-Pod layout is an efficient, yet simple design that is revolutionizing the industry. Unlike a traditional fulfillment center with thousands of brands, millions of square feet, high employee turnover, and limited customer support, our model is, well, systematically different and less stressful. Our customers receive a dedicated “boots on the ground” Pod Manager enabling an in-house fulfillment experience with direct control and insight to brands’ operations. Further, our Nucleus Pods maximize space utilization resulting in lower storage costs and more efficient physical pick processes.

Guided by our three principles of adaptability, innovation, and long-term thinking, Atomix fulfills more than packages. We build brands to last.

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