Atomix Founder & CEO Interview: Insight into Ecommerce Logistics (3PL), Entrepreneurship & Scaling Brands

Austin Kreinz, Founder & CEO, of Atomix had the opportunity to sit down with Keith Stanley, the Director of the Near West Side in Milwaukee, WI to discuss Ecommerce, Entrepreneurship, Logistics, and much more!

[A Full Breakdown By Minute of the Conversation is Provided Below]

Here’s a link to a snippet discussing in-house vs. outsource fulfillment:


  • Maintaining control of operations with a 3PL, &
  • The importance of the “Micro-Pods” to provide the personal touch & direct ownership.

Here’s a link to a snippet discussing how Atomix provides high-touch services:


  • That replicates the same level of care as eCommerce brand owners.

Here’s a link to the full youtube video:

Here’s a Breakdown of the Interview By Minute:

  1. Introduction & The Founding Story of Atomix: 0:00–1:50
  2. Ecommerce & DTC Fundamentals: 1:50–3:00
  3. Moving to Near West Side Area in Milwaukee (Yardwork for Owner): 3:00–4:30
  4. Cultural Importance & Central Location of Milwaukee: 4:30–6:00
  5. What’s a 3PL & Only Two Choices for Ecommerce Brand to Ship Product: 6:00–8:30
  6. Atomix Differentiator (High-Touch, Customizable) & Handwritten Notes at Scale: 8:30–10:00
  7. Growth of Ecommerce with COVID & Personal Touch Value in Ecommerce: 10:00–11:00
  8. (In-house vs. Outsource) How To Maintain Control with 3PL Operations & Switching 3PLs: 11:00–12:30
  9. Trade-offs of Outsourced Customer Support (blog here) & The Micro-Pod Model: 12:30–14:45
  10. Are You A Good Client for Atomix (blog here) — 0 Order Launch → 10,000 Subscription-based Business: 14:45–17:00
  11. Consumer Goods & What Atomix Ships!: 17:00–18:45
  12. Prepare to Work Relentlessly & Focused: Advice to Entrepreneurs & Startups Growing Online Sales: 18:45–20:00
  13. Importance of Understanding P&L Costs & Business Relationships: 20:00–21:00
  14. How To Evaulate Founder’s Times, Costs, & Running Thorough Diligence Process: 21:00–22:15
  15. Multi-Channel Integrations: Do We Work With Etsy Sellers or Other Niche B2B Platforms like Faire: 22:15–23:15
  16. Only Fully Open-Door Policy for a 3PL Partner & Being A Part of The Community: 23:15–24:30
  17. Making “That Jeff Bezos Money” & Future Partnerships: 24:30–25:30
  18. Hiring & Open Positions; 30+ Open by End of 2022: 25:30–26:30
  19. Thank You For Your Time!: 26:30–End

Here’s a link to the full youtube video:



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Atomix Logistics

Atomix Logistics


Atomix is revolutionizing the order fulfillment industry with the Micro-Pod Platform that provides tech-driven, same-day and personalized fulfillment solutions.