All-in-One Fulfillment App: Deliver a Sustainable & Memorable Post-Purchase Experience

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Table of Contents:

  1. Post-Purchase vs. Unboxing Experience
  2. App Overview
  3. New Features
  4. Integrated Services

If you’re unfamiliar with the Post-Purchase & the Unboxing Experience, think about it as a way to increase revenue and engage with your customers after they purchase your product.

  • Too often, brands think that “after a customer buys a product, that’s the end of the customer journey.”
  • Savvy ecommerce owners are aware of the PLETHORA of Strategies to Engage with customers AFTER the Purchase takes place.
  • Now, that’s possible with an App like the All-in-one Fulfillment that’s available through a 3PL like Atomix that you’ll learn about below!

For example,

  • Post-Purchase: “Upselling Products through Branded Tracking” not only provide a better overall experience for customers, it can genuinely increase revenue with the use of tools and apps that place product in front of customers at the RIGHT time.
  • Unboxing Experience: “Providing Custom or Sustainable Packaging” can be affordable while creating a higher probability customers become loyal when a top-notch unboxing experience takes place.
  • Fast growing, emerging brands believe that “the little things matter when it comes to fulfillment & shipping to create a great packaging experience.”

All-in-One Fulfillment App: Deliver a Sustainable & Memorable Post-Purchase Experience

What is an All-in-One Fulfillment App?

If you’re familiar with ecommerce, you’re most likely aware of Three Main Software Verticals to help with operations:

  1. Shipping Management Systems (Shippo, Shipstaiton, etc.),
  2. Inventory Management Systems (Tradegecko, Cogsy, etc.),
  3. Warehouse Management Systems (Shiphero, Logiwa, etc.).


Now, All Three Software Systems are Available in the “All-in-One” Fulfillment App.

And More!

Further, the App Integrates previously siloed Services & Systems — from ordering custom packaging to scheduling freight deliveries — it’s time to be able to do that with 1 Partner & 1 App.

Fulfillment of the Future

As a fulfillment partner, our goal is to create the Fulfillment App of the Future — one that doesn’t only provide reliability, but one that provides a suite of services and technology tools to take an ecommerce brand from idea to global.

The Difference Maker

There’s a clear difference between 3PLs that offer “out of the box” software and ones that offer a software solution like the Atomix App.

Creating a solution designed with ecommerce brands in mind with the simplicity and ease of use of modern apps, we’ve broken the myths and misconceptions that previously existed for 3PLs that would “always lose inventory,” “provide unreliable integrations,” and “inflexible operations and systems.”

Atomix knows the importance of order and inventory management, tracking shipments, and freight scheduling. All are crucial parts of any logistics and supply chain operations.

Take your fulfillment needs to the next level with our dashboard & notification driven software, that can help you predict problems before they happen.

What Features are Available?


First and foremost the Atomix app is a notification driven dashboard.

Not only can you stay up to date in real time, but stay AHEAD of problems with predictive technology and analytics. Order not shipped? Inventory selling through faster than expected? Want to order custom packaging? The app has you covered.

Inventory Management

From Reporting to Replenishment, make things happen before they become too late. Easy reporting functionality, bundling and mapping, notifications for out of stick items, and an algorithm to predict items out of stock. Instead of running out of stock, you can reorder inventory to replenish ahead of time.

Order Management

Messaging with customer service about out of stock, editing orderings, changing addresses just simply takes TOO LONG.

We developed a proactive management system where YOU can take control of all orders.

Modern ecommerce brands that focus heavily on the post-purchase experience , want to be able to set rules and different “gift campaigns.”

We’ve given the ability with “Work Flows” to map specific order processing. From not sending emails to adding complex rules for gifts for certain tiers of customers. Build what you want and we’ll conform to your operational needs.

Some Key Features

  1. On Hold
  2. Needs Review
  3. Shipped

When an order is placed in your store, the Atomix app receives it within 15 minutes.

The ‘On Hold’ feature allows you to be able to make changes to orders after they are placed. Customers always have things come up after, Whether it is an address change or items ordered, you can easily adjust with the “On Hold” feature.
You can also edit the work flow, P Tags and map SKUS.

Once processing is complete, the order is shipped. By the time it leaves the Atomix facility, an order is in the “Shipped Status” . From there, the carrier’s tracking is used to track the order.


Returns are a reality of being in the business of eCommerce. We streamlined the process allowing you to process customer returns in two easy steps through the Atomix Platform.

Restocking inventory, disposing inventory, returning items to the merchant, and inspections process and fees

What Services are Available?


Easily set up eco-friendly shipping with us. After a few clicks, you’re able to offset carbon emissions going towards a project of your own. You can choose materials, implement and utilize any type of sustainability packaging.

Freight Scheduling

Messaging with customer service about out of stock, editing orderings, changing addresses just simply takes TOO LONG

Order freight directly in the Atomix App! International shipments can be complex with customs and import codes. Schedule freight directly through us to help you throughout the entire process.

After importing products though our app, you will have to schedule freight with a different carrier from international freight forwarders. You can do it all with us with ease.

Custom Packaging

The unboxing experience can be magical. From custom packaging to fun inserts, unboxing has become part of the post-purchase experience. With the Atomix app, you can design and work with our partners to get the most affordable, high quality packaging materials.

Special Projects

Eliminate losing track of project statuses or holding your partner accountability for EVERY little detail. Now, you can update, message and talk about specific projects in all in the app.

Special projects are anything that fall outside the normal daily pick and pack process. This includes things like barcoding and labeling, repackaging items, and more. Project managers can use the app as a way to manage and update projects. They can also assign tasks, set deadlines and get updates on the status of each project. The app allows you to create a space for communication between all parties involved in the project.

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