Atomix Logistics
Atomix is revolutionizing the order fulfillment industry with the Micro-Pod Platform that provides tech-driven, same-day and personalized fulfillment solutions.
  • By leveraging data and the unique 500 square foot warehouse model, the fulfillment center operates as close to in-house fulfillment as possible.
  • More specifically, Atomix leverages slack communication and a model developed to scale up and down at significantly lower costs. The advantage is rooted in real-time visibility with Pod Managers who physically handle our client’s products on a daily basis.
  • Hello dedicated warehouse manager, and goodbye to communicating to an international support team and waiting 2–3 days to hopefully receive a response from the operations team in the U.S.

Behind the Concept

It’s been an exciting time starting and building Atomix! For those of you who haven’t heard about us yet — which is probably most of you — here’s our origin and background!

Atomix Logistics

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